Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Day 01 - Playdo Food

Day 01 Time: 3:41 PM (GMT +8) - Playdo Food

An art exhibition has been held in my school. And the exhibition brought along this plate of "playdo" fish and chips. The guy behind this plate was actually an eight year old boy (ahh). I can't even make such a nice plate of "fish and chips". By the way, the art exhibition ends this Friday.

If you can make such an artistic plate of food, please inform me (comments, or email). Thanks!

Day 01 - The Day of the Cotton Wool

Day 01 Time: 12:39 PM (GMT +8) - The Day of the Cotton Wool

Today a cotton wool attacked me in my room while I was cleaning my wounds. The cotton wool rose up (from the dead) and attacked me from behind. Luckily, I was alert enough to hit it back down. Being attacked by a creature like a cotton wool is very shocking.

Anyway, how did I get my wound? Well, I have to be frank, I fell down on my bicycle while cycling down a slope. It was a painful experience, but what did I learn from it (the morale of the story is...)? Well, what I learn was that I have to be more careful while cycling down a slope and if I fall down a slope, I just have to jump off the bicycle.